hijsbanden production webslings
spanriemen production sangles d'arrimage
producent elingues
rondstroppen producent
slings fabrikant
confectie productie slings hijsbanden

Production webbing slings - Manufacturer round slings - Confection lashing straps in Belgium

  • spanriemen maatwerk productie

production Lashing straps

Truck lashing straps 50 mm wide
  • cartransport lashing auto lash


tensioning strap 25mm & 35mm
  • Sangle sans fin Hijsbanden eindloos
  • endless slings producer

Production endless lifting slings

Manufacturing line for the fully automated production of endless flat slings
  • Elingue ronde production

Round sling manufacturing for heavy lifting

Manufactured according to the EN1492-2 standard 1ton to 100ton SWL
  • fabrication web slings eye eye
  • slings productie
  • web sling producing

Web slings producing

Production company with a complete range of lifting slings
  • Heavy lift hijsbanden producent

Heavy lift webbing slings producer

  • hijsbanden éénmalig gebruik pre slings
  • sangle usage unique fabricant

One way sling manufacturing

pré-slings, Timber sling, one direction belts
  • oproller snijmachine spanriemen

Cuttingmachine & oproller for Tensioning lashing straps

  • maatwerk hijsmatialen

custom made products for lifting & lashing

Customized production
  • logo print on lashing straps and slings

Logo printing on lifting slings or lashing ratchet straps

Lifting webslings with your company Logo
endless round slings with your company Logo
Ratchet cargo straps with repetitive logo print