spanbanden rondstroppen slings
hijsband 20ton

Instructions for the safe use

  1. Check weight of the cargo

  2. Check the angle (see tabel)

  3. Protect the lifting web belts & round slings from sharp edged objects (use protection sleeves, corner protections)

  4. Never put the lifting belt on the tip of the hook.

  5. Never pull the hoisting sling under a load.

  6. Visually check the slings on a regular basis..

  7. Never use damaged hoisting slings, round slings.

  8. Never expose polyester webbing  to chemicals.

  9. Never expose the hoisting belt & lashing straps to temperatures +100°C et -40°C.

  10. Flat web slings and round slings must be stored in a well-ventilated, dry frost-free area, out of range of UV radiation.

  11. Lashing: Use strap corner protectors against sharp edges.

  12. Lashing: Never lift with a cargo lashing strap!

  13. Lashing: Never use additional bars or levers to apply tension.

  14. Lashing: Regular clean your ratchet buckle with some lubricating oil.